Sundarwati Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Bhagalpur (Bihar)


Department of Physics

1. Name of the department – PHYSICS

2. Year of Establishment- 1949

 Name of programs/course offered:UGPG

 Annual/ semester/ choice based credit system (programmewise):

UG : Annual System

PG: Semester System

6. Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments:

Co-ordinate with the department of Chemistry, Botony. .

 Number of teaching posts:
Associate Professor-
Assistant Professor-

10. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization, (D.Sc./ D.Litt.


NAMEQualificationDesignationSpecializationExperiencePhD Prod./Going on
Dr. Kr. Prabhat ChandraMSc, PhDAssociate Prof.SolidState Physics12 Years

30. Details of Infrastructural facilities :

a) Library: General Library of College

b) Internet facilities for Staff & Students: E-Library

c) Class rooms with ICT facility: Available in College

d) Laboratories: Practical rooms We have four labs.


  • Students are eager to attend theory and practical classes regularly. They are interested in attending seminar & other academic programme. There is shortage of teachers in the department due to which we feel difficult to fulfill all the needs of students. We are planning to start Research work in near future in the dept. though there is shortage of hand.


  • As we know that the whole world is facing decreasing trend of students in basic science. We are also facing this kind of problem in spite of our best effort which we think is our major weakness. As this college is a women?s college, hence we are badly effected by this in case of enrollment.


  • We have research facility in our department as there are ongoing minor research project. Students can also take the advantage by getting admission in career oriented course. (Information and Computer Technology) in parallel to their conventional course.( B.Sc. program)


  • Major challenge is to attract the students towards the basic sciences. To promote and orient our students towards the success in the national and international programs of competitive examinations, research, fellowship etc


  • Make higher education more effective and practical for the students to cop up with the present national and international scenario of higher education