Sundarwati Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Bhagalpur (Bihar)


The Department of BBA is amongst the one of the most flourishing and prominent departments in the College, but it has made a qualitative contribution to research and Post Graduate education in field of BBA since its initiation.

The Department of Business Management of S.M.College, Bhagalpur opens a new portal of hope and aspiration for girls, leading them to the ambitions world of business management, where the entrepreneur is herself the master architect of the domain of wealth, prosperity and renounce. Having successfull completed job oriented courses like B.C.A., OMSP, Functional Hindi in the 1994-95, S.M.College further stepped up to initiate yet another self-financing course like B.B.A in 2003 with a strength of sixty students. Being a cradle of prosperity and material affluence, this department has produced hundreds of students to join promising career. Having learnt the strategies of growing market demand and catalyst of management our students are successfully generating maximum property with minimum efforts. As a result, some of them have grabbed high position in the Exchange market, and become C.O.O, C.E.O, Auditors and also developed their own affluent business. The B.B.A. department is an independent unit with well- furnished classrooms and library, well qualified teachers and staff to nurture dreams of Digital India through their well-planned programmes, making their knowledge a proficient means of realising glittering dreams of life.

The department aims and always works to create more attentive and creative environment, where students are allowed to explore and learn.

The diversity of specializations of the departmental faculty has promoted multi-faceted research at the Department and has brought a certain depth to the PG courses as well.

Undergraduate and graduate students, whether planning to enter professional or academic job markets after graduation, leave with skills allowing them to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve in an increasingly-globalized cultural landscape. Student–faculty interaction is the foundation of our pedagogical praxis.

Our students develop exceptional analytical skills. And, because they are exposed to a variety of learning experiences and faculty members who offer disparate perspectives, they acquire the know-how to confront large-scale issues and effect change around the world.